The Team

Speed, power and glamour!

The king of freestyle skiing and his queen are ready to rock the roads of Europe in this year’s Gumball 3000. Jon and Janni will add speed, glamour and an insane car to the rally. A nice combination for a couple that is in it to win it!


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The Car

The Rebellion

Jon’s Rebellion is a one of a kind. With the look of a spaceship this beast will dominate the streets of Europe.

  • Extra Large 140 liter fuel tank
  • Custom built by Leif Tufvesson, designed by Jon Olsson and Leif Tufvesson.

  • Build cost 500 000€ +

The Drivers

Janni Delér

The beautiful Janni Delér will co-star her boyfriend Jon in team #10. Riding the Gumball 3000 for the second time, Janni knows what it takes to travel across a continent with a bunch of guys. Rock on Janni!

Jon Olsson

When it comes to awesome ski tricks, Jon Olsson wrote the handbook. With several big air medals he also invented the sickest big-air tricks. Jon now hosts his own big air event in partnership with Betsafe.

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